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Local information

Nagasaki Prefecture

These pages offer peripheral information about local areas in 47 prefectures.
The information may give you an idea about each area.

Nagasaki Prefecture!!

by FKR staff

Nagasaki has historically been an international gateway. Francisco Xavier visited Hirado in 1550. Many Christians suffered prosecutions in the Edo era. With many small islands and ports, fisheries and shipbuildings thrive. Explore more about Nagasaki here; Japan Guide, Tourism Federation, Japan National Tourism Organization, JETRO, Statistics.

Along with many tourist attractions, the city of Nagasaki is known for its hills, which also offer scenic views. City can be categorized into the center and the surrounding area. At one time, many moved out of the center, but some wants to move back for the ease of commuting and shopping.
Few properties from the central area come up on the market, so when they do, they command high prices. Some brokers thus acquire assets in the center from court auctions and sell them for gains. There may be more opportunities in other regions of Nagasaki prefecture.
A local agent said that many of investors expected high returns. Bidding too low would result in not getting the property. So consulting local agents would be wise. Even in smaller cities, properties of high quality seem to deserve high bids to win in auctions.

There are many attractive houses and land plots on; you may find something interesting.

Sasebo hosts a U.S. naval base. Rent level is relatively high; sometimes higher than in Fukuoka. And the living condition is quite nice. A retiree of the naval defence force after living in various places picked Sasebo to build a house; such a case is not uncommon. And, as in Nagasaki, brokers procure assets in Sasebo through court auctions to trade.
So there may be good properties for investment as well, perhaps better than in metropolis.

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