Ms. Miyoko Ohno in Tokyo prefecture acquired an apartment building for 10.1 million yen as an investment

I was asked to write something. And I agreed.

I am Ohno, was supposed to become Utuski. Three years ago, if it had not happened, I would’ve become his wife. Some men just cannot be helped. Even if to entertain clients, to go to such a place is unforgivable. I am sorry. I could not let it go when I saw the grin on his face while apologizing, I got mad and we sent separate ways.

Perhaps now I can laugh and forgive. But he quickly got married to a girl. Then, I made up my mind to live my life alone.

I work in a general affairs department, so have a plenty of time. My boss seems to be busy only around the time of stockholders’ general meeting, and in other times goes home at five.

I wanted to do something, but only had some money saved. So I started buying foreclosed properties on court auctions; as sudden as it seems. The real estate agent I initially emailed inquires was kind enough to teach me a lot, so I kicked up some courage.

To think of it now, perhaps I wanted an adventure after a breakup. When I was asked about my budget on email, I gave a figure a bit lower at 3 million yen. The immediate response suggested a house. With a beginner’s luck I won the bid.

It felt odd to be a landlord. After renovation, I received rent from a tenant; which was a first experience for me. I asked the same agent for the second asset. And before I knew I was an owner of three houses.

Then I was approached about an apartment building taking a loan out with three houses as collateral. It was only two months ago. I was busy visiting a credit union and with other tasks. Then I won the bid at 10.1 million yen. The guarantee deposit I paid on my own, but borrowed for all others including for renovations.

My annual rental income exceeds 4 million yen; and will be more than 5 million yen at full occupancy. With my salary, I earn more than my boss.

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