Confidentiality policy

The 981.jp works hard to protect the confidentiality of personal information.

1. Personal information

FKR as the operator of the 981.jp sets rules on handling personal information and properly manage the information so as to provide trustworthy services to users.

2. Collections of personal data

FKR asks for personal information limited to what is required to utilize the 981.jp services.

3. Use of personal data

FKR asks each member to approve the service provisions of the 981.jp, and use the member information according to the provisions. In case a need to use the information beyond what are set out on the provisions, FKR notifies and asks the approval of the member before making use of the information.

4. Disclosure

Unless otherwise set out in laws and regulations, FKR does not disclose the information about members to a third party without approval of the members, other than set out on the service provisions. When providing personal information of a member to a company working with the 981.jp in providing services, FKR only does so with the company with which FKR has engaged in a confidentiality agreement so that improper use or leakage of information does not occur.

5. Use of cookies

The 981.jp utilizes cookies to make viewing more effective for members. The server records information such as conditions around the use from the browser of the user. Information is used to improve and operate the 981.jp system.

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1. 委託先事業者名

株式会社ROBOT PAYMENT https://www.robotpayment.co.jp/

2. 個人情報の内容

決済事業者との間で、商品・サービスの代金決済に必要な以下の個人情報 取引ID・氏名・電話番号・メールアドレス・金額・クレジットカード番号・クレジットカード有効期限

3. 個人情報の利用目的


4. 個人情報の保存期間

クレジットカードの決済および登録は、決済代行会社であるROBOT PAYMENT社に委託しています。ROBOT PAYMENTへの開示後は、981.jpでは一切お客様のクレジットカード情報を保持いたしません。

5. 決済事業者への個人情報の開示について

981.jpでは、商品・サービスの代金決済に必要な業務遂行の範囲内で、決済事業者からの要請により、委託会社を通じて下記の個人情報を開示・提供する場合があります。 氏名・住所・電話番号・メールアドレス・配送先情報・注文商品の詳細内容

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