Mr. Alpha in Yamaguchi who became lessor for the first time by winning the bid for a house at 480,000 yen

Mr. Alpha is a 31-year-old bureaucrat working in the city hall of Beppu in Yamaguchi prefecture. He lived in his parents’ home, free of rent, but felt somewhat uneasy about his future, about getting old.

He got used to his work, 13 years after graduating high school; days were ordinary and uneventful. One day, his girlfriend, four years younger, uttered a question without emotion; Are we going to get married? Mr. Alpha said, “Who knows?” “I see.” Then she left in the middle of the date. He somehow knew that he himself was bored with his daily routine, and could only sigh guessing she also knew.

Six months later, however, the two were photographed in front of a white chapel.

The changed Mr. Alpha’s life. A picture of a house captivated him; a one-story house, more than 40 years old, with three rooms on 100 squared meter land, about 1,500 meters northwest of the Beppu train station. He remembered that when he was a boy playing baseball at the park across the street from the house he was reprimanded for breaking a window.

The base bid was set at 600,000 yen. However, the auction was not a regular one, but special, which meant one could buy it at 80% of the base bid, first come first served. Mr. Alpha wanted to change something, and felt it a destiny that he found the property that day.

The next day, he got on his bike to the court with 120,000 yen as an earnest money deposit, a stamp and a resident certificate. If the property in fact is just awful, he would just forfeit the deposit. Luckily no other bidder appeared, and he won the right to buy it at 480,000 yen. In following months, he spent hours after work and day-offs to renovate the house.

One day, the lost girlfriend came over with bento. After refurbishing, he leased the house for the rent of 30,000 yen a month.

The auctioned house bought at 480,000 yen perhaps helped a bit in reconnecting the tie between Mr. Alpha and his girlfriend.

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