Auction Bidding Earnest money deposit Inside viewing Base bid price
Minimum bid price Price adjustment Marketability adjustment Decision to approve the sale Certificate for appropriate buyer Payment for the property Ownership conveyance to the buyer Registration tax Opening bids Case number Tri-set court documents On-site inspection Appraisal report
Property descriptions Property summary Court decision to initiate the auction process and the property seizure Silent auction Announcement of silent auction Special sale
Highest bidder, buyer Mortgage Withdrawing a motion for auction Creditor paying for land lease Assignment of lease Post-auction Vacant house or apartment but with some articles left inside Urging the possesor to move out Eviction order
Grace period for eviction Possessor's right Possessor's credit Carryover liabilities Lease right
Court Title of enforceable obligation Execution deed Certificate of execution Compulsory enforcement Attachment of credit Small claim enforcement Exercising security interest Arbitrage decision Enforcing a decision of non-Japanese court
Final decision Legal documents that allow enforcement Court order for payment, court ordered debt Decision with a declaration for provisional execution Decisioin requiring a certain form to appeal Distribution Prerequisites for compulsory enforcement Asset disclosure Enforcement on ship Property Vacant lot Zoning change Urban restricted district Provisional re-plotting Reallocated land Residential land Residential zone Class 1 Semi-residential zone
Commercial zone Semi-commercial zone Industrial zone Semi-industrial zone
Scenic zone Building-to-land ratio Floor area ratio Discounting Replacement cost Valuation from the income approach Sales comparison approach Specific adjustment Current land classification Statutory superficies MLIT land price contents