Membership Plan

Notification for members

Currently, some contents are accessible for paying membership (basic membership and premium membership) only.
New contents and services are available for paying membership as follows.


Before… Purchased 1 tri-set court document for 3,000 yen
After … Purchase up to 5 tri-set court documents for 981 yen/month(3,000 yen×5 sets=15,000 yen ⇒ Save 14,000 yen!

Please sign up for paying membership plan early as the contents are increasing!

Membership comparison chart

Free Basic Premium
Monthly fee Free 981yen/month 10,000yen/month
Download tri-set court documents for bidding period
Support request/inquiry
View auction result ※1 1 months after end of bidding 3 months after end of bidding No Limit
Past tri-set court documents ※1
3,300yen(tax included)/property
Free for 5properties/month
1,100yen(tax included)/property for addition
Free for 20properties/month
1,100yen(tax included)/property for addition
Favorite search conditions email: up to 10 conditions email: up to 50 conditions email: up to 50 conditions
Notification for special sale
Virtual bidding Numbers of simultaneous registration 3 properties
※Retention period 3months
Numbers of simultaneous registration 30 properties
※Retention period 2years
※Retention period 5years
Search similar properties Free for 5properties/month
550yen(tax included)/property for addition
No Limit
Search past apartment cases No Limit
Non-public information from FKR agent members(irregular basis)
Discount admittance to seminars organized by
Online newsletter for premium membership(irregular basis)
ad Yes Yes No

※ Limited to data saved by FKR

※ Monthly payment plan
  • The membership fee is charged automatically on the 1st of each month.
  • Example: If a monthly plan is purchased on January 15th, it is effective through the end of January.
    The next fee is charged on Februay 1st and it is effective through the end of February.
    The plan is carried over monthly until terminating the membership or changing it to the free plan.
  • If you cancel your membership or change it to the free plan, you are no longer able to use your previous plan at the time of termination of membership.