Auction concierge serving bidders

1. Real estate companies that completed the FKR seminars

All the members of who provide supports in court auction purchases are regular members of FKR. Unlike general market transactions of real estate, the court auctions are based on the civil execution law. Thus, knowledge about civil code, credit and other laws, and experiences over those of general real estate transactions are required, making some realtors unfit to advise on foreclosure auctions. FKR works to nurture and support professionals in foreclosure auctions so that the general public may participate in the process more easily.

2. Well experienced in the business with a solid track record

Each property to be auctioned is unique. So it is important to carefully analyze the court documents to determine interests involved, the condition of the building, circumstances with possessors, and other matters to determine the desirability of property. Most of members have strong networks in the local areas, but do not advertise much so have little opportunity to serve you. In many companies, chief executives handle auction supports so you may be able to hear interesting stories from them.

3. Second opinions from other members

There are a number of member agents in each region, who have specialty of their own. Real estate transactions are built on personal relationships. Among the member agents you contact to inquire about foreclosed auctions, you may meet the right person. And member agents handle other real estate not on auction blocks, so the agent may be one that you can trust to do other businesses. contents