Mr. and Mrs. Komori acquired a house for 3 million yen and moved from Tokyo to Suwa in Nagano after retirement

Telephone interview? Fine, if I can help; my husband is working on the farm right now.

Oh, it has been quite comfortable. My daughter came over the other day so we got to see our grandchild. She was happy for us and for her child having a country home to come to.

We had been renting all through, had no place to take our children even in summer vacations. My husband had been a factory worker, in Chofu, Tokyo. We had lived in the employee housing, then moved to an apartment as our children grew up; that was when going got rough, with all kind of expenses for our kids, after-school learning of various kinds, test fees and all. Neither my husband nor I had gone to university, so we wanted our children to go. Perhaps it was beyond our means; we allocated most of our earnings into their education.

My husband is very skilled, but not a good talker. After working on his feet most of his life, he hurt his back. After reaching the retirement age, he did not work. We were insecure; we had to continue paying rent, but the social security payment would not come until five years later.

Then my daughter told me about But we didn’t have a computer even, and would have been difficult to learn a new thing at our age.

Our son-in-law came over then asked where my native country was. Both my husband and I were born in Suwa. He searched and found the property, showed us video of it. Lake Suwa was beautiful; and it could be seen well from the property. We asked him to go ahead. And we didn’t have to use all of our retirement fund.

When we moved, we saw some of our childhood friends. It was like a dream. After being renters for so long, we got to own our own home after retirement.

Maybe the new environment did my husband good; his back improved. He began to work a bit. It really was like winning a lottery for us.

Yes, I will tell him that you called; but he would only nod in acknowledgement; he is not a talker, you see.

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