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Local information

Nagano Information

These pages offer peripheral information about local areas in 47 prefectures.
The information may give you an idea about each area.

Nagano Prefecture!!

by FKR staff

You don't have to be a skier or climber to love Nagano, as John Lennon and Bill Gates would attest. Great nature, food and hot spas perhaps contribute to one of the longest life spans in Japan for its residents. The landlocked prefecture is one of the largest in area, bordering with eight different prefectures. In 1998 it hosted the Winter Olympics. And Karuizawa, only about an hour away from Tokyo on a bullet train, is known as a preferred location for vacation homes. Explore Nagano here; Go Nagano, Japan Guide, Lonely Planet, JETRO, Map, Japan National Tourism Organization, Japan Property Central.

Starting from late 2012, white-collar workers of the areas started to acquire homes; buying preowned ones and remodeling them, rather than buying land and building houses, according to a local agent. While a new house would cost about Y30 million, a preowned one would be about Y15 million; then a few more million yen for the remodeling.
The agent recommended Komoro and Saku for investment properties. Properties in Komoro were generally priced 10 to 20% lower than in Saku. And there were many companies in the area, so the lease demand was strong from company employees. The agent however did not like the north side of Asama Sun Line or second home districts.
Since the Joetsu freeway and the Nagano bullet train opened, Saku had developed as a major city along with Ueda in the region, with several new retail outlets. So cap rates remained above 15% and assets could be sold without much effort, according to the agent. And the vacancy rate tends to be low.

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