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Yamaguchi Prefecture

These pages offer peripheral information about local areas in 47 prefectures.
The information may give you an idea about each area.

Yamaguchi Prefecture!!

by FKR staff

Yamaguchi is often called Kyoto of the west for its rich history and culture. It is at the western edge of the main island, bordered by the sea on north, west and south. And the land transportation connects to the southern island of Kyushu from Shimonoseki, via a bridge and an underwater tunnel. The climate combines two characteristics from the Sea of Japan and the Seto inland sea.
The wealth of ocean resources enables the robust fishing industry in Shimonoseki, Hagi and Nagato. Pufferfish that must be treated property to avoid poisoning is considered a delicacy. These websites may help you learn more about Yamaguchi; Japan Guide, Tourism promotion, Daisuki, JETRO, Japan National Tourism Organization.

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Looking at the past record, winning bids were fairly close to the base bid prices, unlike in big cities. And those much higher than the base bid prices were often tendered by individuals, rather than agents; and often with many bids signifying the attraction. Perhaps, experts would not bid too high. While winning is important, winning at as low a bid as possible also counts. So researching surely is called for.

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Unlike neighboring prefectures of Hiroshima and Fukuoka, there are only few large cities. And the volume of transaction is not so high. Even the city of Yamaguchi is rich in nature; fireflies can be seen not far from the prefectural government office.
Most of the properties are houses. But it is different around ShinYamaguchi station; the bullet train stop, literally means "new" Yamaguchi. The area is the first choice for investors. The market price of land for one tsubo, about 3.3 square meters, ranges from Y100,000 to Y200,000. About a tenth of those in Hiroshima or Fukuoka.
Nonetheless, the rent level for family-sized apartments is about the same as in Hiroshima and Fukuoka. So those with funds tend to buy land and build apartment buildings. And buying an apartment building through court auction and leasing may be a lucrative proposition.
As for the rental demand, there are many corporate offices in the area. Many of them are sent there by their employers from elsewhere; an ideal situation for lessors. There may be some demand for retail space, and other opportunities as well.

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