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Information on Shizuoka

These pages offer peripheral information about local areas in 47 prefectures.
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Shizuoka Prefecture!!

Shizuoka is in the Tokai region, between Tokyo and Nagoya, facing the Pacific. From years before, the passage between Tokyo or Edo to Kyoto or to the Ise shrine was important, so many traveled through Shizuoka. Hokusai and other ukiyoe printers saw the beauty in the sea and Mt. Fuji; there were many poems written as well. It is also known for green tea, as well as for the wealth of seafood. The Izu peninsula features many hot spring spots and popular destinations for vacationers from Greater Tokyo; and many second houses. To find out about Shizuoka, please see these websites; Daisuki, JETRO, Tourism, AJET, Statistics, Lonely Planet Izu, International Relation, Central, Izu, Know, Japan Guide, Food, JNTO, Mt. Fuji, Shizuoka city, Tokai earthquake.


Apartment sales were brisk, an agent said in September of 2013. Constructions focused on areas around stations and busy districts. In the redevelopment project around HigashiShizuoka, high rise apartments were sold as completed; half of them were sold to investors. Apartments in commercial areas within 7 min. walk from Shizuoka and HigashiShizuoka stations had no difficulty finding buyers either. Those in 50s and older were moving closer to areas near stations from suburbs to make their retirement easier. 
New houses sold were either at very low prices or at high prices, from Y50mn to Y70mn.
Pre-owned apartments were about ten years since built, and up to about Y15mn, while pre-owned houses sold were from Y15mn to Y18mn, although some houses facing south and in corners went for about Y20mn.
The agent recommended properties near the HigashiShizuoka station. Some people expected the Shizuoka municipal government to move its office there, and the bullet train to stop at the station. The agent thought it might become something like ShinYokohama.
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