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Information on Fukushima

These pages offer peripheral information about local areas in 47 prefectures.
The information may give you an idea about each area.

Fukushima Prefecture Part 1!!

Fukushima is the third largest prefecture in area. Located at the south of Tohoku or northeast region, right next to the Kanto region, it is not so far from Tokyo; the city of Fukushima is about one and a half hours away on the bullet train. With mountain ranges, some areas are quite distant from the Pacific coast where the damaged nuclear plant is. Due to the warm water flowing up, the region closer to the ocean enjoys a mild weather, warm and little snow. Economic ties are stronger with Ibaraki and Chiba; franchised outlets and manufacturing plants.
Major cities include Shirakawa, Koriyama and Fukushima. AizuWakamatsu is known for its rich history; Ouchijuku also takes you to the time past. The great nature offers a variety of outdoor activities and winter sports. Kitakata ramen and soba noodles are well known. There is a market held on the tenth of each month, the largest in Aizu area, that has continued for over four centuries, with more than 400 merchants opening shops.
These sites may help you find out more about Fukushima; Lonely Planet, JETRO, Tourism, Daisuki, Statistics, Snow, Nuclear issue, American Nuclear Society, Japan National Tourism Organization. ━━☆☆Real estate market━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆━━ The city of Iwaki is on the coast and in the north of prefecture; the city government. After the diaster of March 2011, people avoided Fukushima. But the demand for real estate in Iwaki rose, and stays strong. Even though appraisal values do not go up because of the nuclear disaster, robust trades pushed up the prices, often to 1.5 times the pre-accident levels. Agents are working hard to procure land; good location immediately leads to sales.
The lease demand also remains strong. The trend is expected to continue until the nuclear cleanup effort completes.
The market cannot absorb the inflow of people fleeing the radiation. There is a shortagge of construction and housing related workers, so building efforts stagger. Those in temporary housing cannot find a property. It may take some time to remedy the situation.
The situation is similar in other parts of Kukushima prefecture. In court auctions as well, prices tended higher due to the strong demand after the disaster. Apartments close to Koriyama station may be in demand also, as there are many students, and for the ease of getting to Tokyo and Sendai on the fast train.
A patient search will likely lead to an attractive propety in Fukushima.
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