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Aichi Prefecture

These pages offer peripheral information about local areas in 47 prefectures.
The information may give you an idea about each area.

Aichi Prefecture!!

Flat noodles
Flat wheat noodles in soy sauce based soup is one of featured cuisines in Aichi. Businesspeople visiting Nagoya say that flat noodle bowls on the bullet train station are very good; enough to get off the train midway.

Located in the central part on the Pacific side, Aichi is known for its industry, led by the automobile manufacturing. Traditionally there were numerous small–to-mid capitalized engineering shops that supported the larger industries. It also has robust agricultural and fishing industries as well. With its complex coast lines, catches vary greatly and are abundant. Nagoya area is a major metropolis, often a cultural originator. Several tall buildings were constructed around the Nagoya station in recent years.
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In July of 2013, two agents talked to us. Pre-owned residential assets were bought rather eagerly, so some markets lacked sufficient supply. New assets were similarly traded. Building contractors worked in full schedule. One agent recommended properties around Nagoya station, for stability, although low in return or gain. Another agent liked the eastern part of the prefecture: OwariAsahi and Seto, only half an hour on train to Nagoya; Handa; and Midori, Tenpaku, Meito, Chikusa wards of Nagoya. Many of court auctioned properties in these areas, generally, went for about 1.5 times the base bid price or more, showing their strong draws.
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