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Local information

Information on Kagawa prefecture

These pages offer peripheral information about local areas in 47 prefectures.
The information may give you an idea about each area.

Kagawa Prefecture!!

Kagawa is at the northeast of the Shikoku island, the smallest prefecture in area, and enjoys the mild climate along the Seto inland sea. A bridge links it with the main island. From Takamatsu, it takes about an hour on train to Okayama, and a little over two hours to Osaka using the bullet train. You may like what you find about Kagawa at these websites; JETRO, Lonely Planet, I-Pal, Daisuki, AJET, Tourist, Sightseeing, Shikoku, Statistics, Setouchi, Japan Guide, Food, Photos, Takamatsu, Shodoshima, JNTO.


A broker in Takamatsu told us about the market in November of 2013.
There was no restrictions on constructions based on the urban planning law. Land price had been declining, but it seemed to have reached the bottom. Court auctions were popular; creditors preferred auctions to voluntary sales. There were more buyers from the general public, so buying to resell became more difficult for brokers. In particular, houses and relatively new apartment seemed to attract bidders. Some buyers, however, appeared to bid too high. As for home buyers in Takamatsu, popular areas were Rainbow and Sunflower streets, while some also focused on school districts. To invest, the area within five kilometer radius from the Takamatsu station was attractive, and so were some popular school districts. To acquire assets in areas that saw water damages in the past, one should check for remedial measures such as breakwaters and other waterfront works; lowland was also vulnerable to backflows of waterways. Many parents preferred new schools integrated through the first to the ninth grade, so those school district were popular. As the supply of relatively new apartments lagged, more people bought older apartments and fully remodeled them.
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